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The Year of the Water Snake 2013 is Upon Us Print E-mail
Yearly I tavel to study
the latest Lillian Too and Peter Lung 
 Feng Shui Cures and Insights


learning all the in and outs  and 'Cures'
2013 is the Year Of the Water Snake    


When you activate the good stars in the chart and neutralize the bad stars everyone will enjoy more prosperity, happiness and health.. 


For those prepared and have the Stars enhanced and the Snake placed appropiately it will be a very prosperous year and a huge challenge for those who are not prepared.  


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2013 Year of the Water Snake Yearly Update

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The Water Snake slides into 2013 on Feb 10th

with a fresh wave of energy for everybody.

The Paht Chee chart shows a harmonious and balanced year, for the first time in years all 5 elements are in the chart.

This translates to when you activate the good stars in the chart and neutralize the bad stars everyone will enjoy more prosperity, happiness and health.

On a bigger scale there will be less turmoil, conflict and general mayhem in the world at large.

2013 is also blessed with 2 auspicious stars, The Star of Powerful Mentor and Star of Scholastic Brilliance.

This can bring helpful people, mentors and teachers into your life as well as influencing leadership roles be it in a company, family or country along with more compassionate and accommodating dealings with those under their supervision or care.

This is an excellent year for students and for creativity and research. The quest for knowledge is nurtured and practiced, which means this is a perfect year for DISCLOSURE.

After all we all know “We are not Alone”

I will be studying the latest Lillian Too and Peter Lung 2013 Feng Shui Cures and Insights this coming weekend and will be available to give you all the Yearly star update to ensure the Water Snake year in prosperous healthy and wise.

You can book your yearly Feng Shui Update now.

As my many clients will attest, Knowing and adjusting your home and work space according to the current year’s ‘Cures‘ can and Does make a difference in the year you will experience.

The great thing about the current year’s updates, is that you do not have to have had your home or office fully Feng Shui’d.
The cures will assist regardless.

Of course if you have had the Full Feng Shui session (which is also available by phone) it makes the energy flow even better.

There is no better way to ensure a great year than to work with the energies of the year and subdue to energies that can and will work against all your best efforts.

It is never to late to begin this 6000 year old science, even if you know nothing about Feng Shui or have never had a bagua chart you can still get your house or office done by phone and let this be the year you start manifesting the relationships, abundance and radiant health you deserve.

Schedule your 2013 Feng Shui Cures Yearly Update Phone Session Here


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Feng Shui Testimonials

  • OMG!!!!!   Anita, you have made me a believer!! I moved my desk yesterday to the Feng Shui "suggested" location and also had my furnace cleaned. This morning the Daily PO announcement reflected that $35,000 worth of sales came in yesterday in my territory!!!
    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!      Julie


  • Hello Anita
    In January I had a Feng Shui for 2012 session with you.  We talked about my wanting a job in a particular field.  You said intuitively you saw March as when I would be getting an opportunity.  For 8 months prior I had sent out resumes and applied for jobs but nothing.  Not even an interview.  Out of the blue a company I hadn't even applied to called me on February 7th asking me to apply for one of their jobs.  I received an offer for the job today, with a great salary and a start date of March 12th.  You are so incredible and I can't thank you enough.

  • Anita, since you did Feng Shui on the house,the business has done even better and we got back almost $56,000 which we thought was lost in an investment!!!                           I am amazed! ~ Thanks Tricia 

  • Thank you Anita
    The cures I put in place on Wednesday were, the 6 crystal balls in the East corner of my office and dinning room. Today I got a total random, unexpected check for $25,000. Thought you'd like to know how great your work is - thank you!!  Brenda
  • I,ve been practicing Feng Shui since I took your class.  My husband practices general law and does a lot of probate.  Two weeks after I started Feng Shui he got a $900,000.00 estate and two weeks later he got involved in  a 7 million dollar estate.  He will only get his share, but it is so amazing how fast Feng Shui works!!  Thanks for the help.  T.C.
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